Text to Code Ratio Tool

QUESTION: How much is actual text that the search engines will read from your web pages?

This is important because Google and other search engines will only read and index the actual text of a page, it will igone the code, but a searc engine does look at text to code ratio's when indexing and ranking a web page.

Try using this handy tool that will tell you exactly what your pages have. Its easy to use just enter the web address (URL) that you would like to check and see what the search engines really think of your pages.

Enter your URL below to check your code to text ratio.

How does the tool work out the ratios:

Red: 0% - 10%

Amber: 11% to 24%

Green: 25% & over and your page is <CODE BLOAT FREE> & will work well in the SERP's.

What your results mean?

Well, the more the better. It is very important to make sure as much of the code for your web pages have as little on-page code bloat as possible. Javascript is a classic bloater, many people now use javascript or Ajax calls, for interactive pages, contact forms and the like.

It is also very advisable to get as much of the page styling off page in your CSS (stylesheet). Sometimes if a search engine spider encounters invalid HTML markup it will leave the page, so its better to be safe than sorry.

Go get coding, it's fun, it will make all the difference.